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 Connie Jones-Steward, MA  

 Los Angeles Wedding Officiant & Celebrant

Let's be honest; Anybody can read your wedding ceremony, including your cousin who was ordained last week and will read the sample script that was sent to him with his ordination certificate. However not everyone can write your unique love story and deliver it in a way that will be meaningful and memorable, to both you and your guests, for years to come. Not every officiant can deliver your love story in a manner that is spiritual but not preachy and lighthearted without going for the obvious gag. Yes, it's true that having an ordained wedding officiant simply read a preprinted ceremony and sign your  marriage license in the space provided will fulfill the minimum legal requirements to get you married in most states, and that's fine for couples who are satisfied with that. However, I am here to work with wedding couples who want a wedding  day experience that goes beyond satisfying the legal requirements to exceeding their dreams and visions for what should be the most exciting and memorable day of their lives.

I am Rev. Connie Jones-Steward: creator of and officiant for unique,  spiritual and civil  weddings, baby namings, child welcomings, and other life-transition ceremonies. I may be biased, but my advice to all couples is that working with an experienced, professional and creative wedding officiant is the most important investment that you can make in your wedding day. As such an officiant, I can help you with everything from helping you to write your personal vows, choosing appropriate readings, and incorporating meaningful religious and cultural elements into your ceremony; This comes in especially handy in cases where partners of different religions or cultures are marrying. On the day of your wedding, a professional wedding officiant will coordinate with your photographer to make sure they get that special shot and with your DJ to determine important musical cues; in other words we help to make your ceremony flow smoothly. Finally, after the wedding a professional wedding officiant will do all that she can to make sure that your license is handled and filed properly

If you've read this far and are still interested then you might like to read more about me here. You can also click here to fill out the form to request a consultation.  For your convenience and for the good of the environment I encourage that  consultations, signings and the billing process be conducted via the Internet. However, if you prefer, we can meet over coffee to discuss your plans,

Call me if your wedding officiant needs include any of the following: African-American wedding traditions or any other cultural wedding traditions, agnostic weddings, backyard weddings, beach weddings, civil weddings, earth centered weddings, elopements, gay weddings, goddess centered weddings, handfastings,  holiday-themed weddings, home weddings, humanist weddings, lesbian weddings, non-denominational weddings,  same-sex weddings, secular weddings, public park weddings, reiki weddings, restaurant weddings . 

Love Story Weddings

Full-scale, personalized weddings that reflect who you are as a couple. These weddings are developed based on the unique love story that the two of you share.


Barefoot on the beach  or in your own living room, no wedding is too big or small. I take just as much delight in performing your small beach or backyard elopement as she does in your large scale, full size wedding.

Baby Namings

Non-denominational baby blessing and naming ceremonies are a wonderful way to welcome children who have been newly added to your family via birth or adoption.

House Blessings, Los Angeles
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