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In the late 90's I was a health and spirituality writer for Whole Life Times magazine. While researching an article on the healing properties of crystals, the therapist that I was interviewing offered me a complimentary session to address an issue that I was having. The next day, the issue was resolved and I was convinced. I took the classes to become a certified energy healer and sought ordination in order to legally become a practitioner.

Fast forward a few years. I heard about the experience of my friend's younger sister. She was Catholic and her priest would not marry her to her fiancé unless they agreed to raise the children as Catholic, a condition to which the fiancé objected. He was non-religious and thus had no regular minister so they ended up getting married at a Las Vegas drive-thru; a decision which the bride regretted. I wished that they had come to me; I could have offered them an actual wedding, but I had not yet "hung out my shingle" so they had no idea that I could have offered them a more dignified alternative.

I love of the art of ceremony and ritual and I firmly support the human need and desire for them to mark the important transitions of life. I also love to write and tell a good story and I'm excited to get started writing your story which I will weave into a heartfelt and meaningful wedding ceremony that you and your guests will remember warmly for years to come.

Here I am with my husband and road dawg Deon. He accompanies me to most weddings to make sure my stole is straight, carry whatever needs to be carried and snap photos of me in action. We were high school classmates and have been married since 2006.

Some interesting facts about me include:

  • I am ordained as both a non-denominational minister and a minister of Goddess Spirituality.

  • I have hands-0n ordination, meaning I am able to legally officiate weddings in all 50 states.

  • I am certified as a reiki master teacher and as a crystal healer.

  • I live by the principles of New Thought and the Law of Attraction.

  • I have a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.A. in Anthropology and an M.A. in Comparative Religion.

  • My thesis is in hip-hop culture.

  • I spent a year hanging out with graffiti artists as part of my fieldwork.

  • I love to travel and I've sprinted to the top of the Arch d' Triomph and flirted with the guards at Buckingham Palace.

  • I've touched the pillars of Stonehenge.

  • I read and write Spanish but my spoken Spanish needs work.

  • I am owned by a rescued gray tabby cat named Lola.

  • My favorite guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives franchise.

  • My favorite fictional romance is between River Song and The 11th Doctor.

  • I love to cook ethnic cuisine

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