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Baby Blessing, Naming & Child Welcoming Ceremonies

The birth or adoption of a child is an occasion that deserves to be marked by sacred ceremony and celebration. I provide non-denominational and interfaith ceremonies that honor the role that parents, siblings, grandparents, godparents, friends and/or extended family will play in your new baby or child’s life, thus introducing and integrating your child into his or her extended family and community.

Baby blessings are spiritual in nature. During this ceremony the godparents/guideparents will be announced after which your baby will be blessed with holy water and presented to the Divine with prayers for protection and guidance. Naming ceremonies are more suited to families who are humanist or atheist. During a naming ceremony, your child will be formally introduced to his circle of friends and family. The meaning behind her name will be explained along with the reasons why the name was chosen. Finally we have welcoming ceremonies. A welcoming ceremony is designed to welcome adopted children into the family and to make them feel welcomed by their new extended family and community. Elements of these blessing, naming and welcoming ceremonies can be combined.


The fee for these ceremonies starts at $399.00 and includes a personalized birth chart

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