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Let ​The ​Star​s Help You Choose The Right 
Wedding Date

How does a couple choose a wedding date? A number of factors go into this decision.  A couple might take into consideration the general vibe and aesthetic they want to achieve on their special date. It could be the lure of the vibrant hues ​of autumn, the romance of a late summer beach elopement or the magical mystery of a wintery landscape that drive a couple to choose a particular wedding date. Few realize that there is a method to choose a date that would enhance the chances of a smooth wedding date and successful marriage. 

That method is the use of electional astrology. There are many forms of astrology; Electional astrology is the form used to predict the moment in time that’s most favorable for a future event such as a wedding.

As your astrologer, I will always take into account the positions and motions of Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon on the dates that you have in mind. These are the personal planets and luminaries, and they will have the most immediate effects on your day. The outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn move much slower than the personal planets and therefore tend to affect groups and societal movements as opposed to smaller events. Thus, they play a lesser role in choosing dates for events such as weddings but may sometimes factor into the equation.

Astrology cannot guarantee the perfect wedding date.  However, when you have a list of possible dates, I can assist you in choosing among those dates. If you cannot find a suitable date among your choices, remember that you can get married in a small private ceremony that coincides with favorable astrological positions and then have a larger ceremony on the date on which you had your heart set.

Contact me if you'd like to use astrology to choose your wedding date. Services start at $799.00

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