Officiant Lady  

 Connie Jones-Steward, MA  

Just Sign The License

Sometimes a couple needs to get legally married cheaply and quickly, without the fuss of a ceremony. California marriage laws specifically state that there is no legally required form for the marriage ceremony. Therefore a couple can be legally married by merely meeting with their officiant and expressing their intent and agreement to be married to each other. For couples who desire marriage without wedding ceremony I offer the "Just Sign The License" service, sometimes known as a "paperwork only" wedding. A benefit of this service is that you can have a "courthouse" style wedding today, even if the County Clerk is booked for weeks or months.

What Happens When I Just Sign The License
  • Full payment is made online at the time that service is requested. 
  • We will meet me at a coffee shop that is local to me.
  • The coffee is on me!
  • You must bring your legally issued California marriage license and photo ID.
  • No quests other than two witnesses may accompany you. No exceptions.
  • I ask if you want to marry each other and then I pronounce you husband and wife. 
  • I sign the license and return it to the correct County Clerk.
That's it. You are legally married under the laws of the State of California. 
If you're ready to get married without the pomp and circumstance AND you have your marriage license, give me a call or text at (562) 967-1091 or shoot me an email and let's get you married.