Officiant Lady  

 Connie Jones-Steward, MA  

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. This is the first wedding for both of us and we don't know where to begin. Are we normal?
A. Yes, it is normal for engaged couples to feel overwhelmed when it comes to wedding planning.  I will advise, coach and support you every step of the way as we create your ceremony together.

Q. What is your approach to creating wedding ceremonies?

A. I create ceremonies that are fully personalized to celebrate each couple’s unique love story and journey together. We will begin with an initial interview, and proceed from there to your wedding "homework". Don't worry, it's fun and will help you to contextualize the feelings and experience that led you to decide to marry each other. Once I have your homework in hand,  I will work closely with you to custom design a beautiful ceremony that is meaningful to you and to those you invite to share in this momentous occasion..

Q. How long is your average ceremony?

A. On average my ceremonies run 15-20 minutes.

Q. What's included in the fee for our wedding?
 A.  The following items are included in the ceremony fee:
  • A complimentary initial consultation either in person or via Skype
  • My help in defining the style and tone of your ceremony
  • The writing and editing of your ceremony script
  • Research into poems, readings, songs, pop culture references,  ceremonial elements and cultural wedding traditions
  • Coaching on the writing of personal vows
  • Unlimited phone or email consultation
  • Coordinating and working with musicians, photographers, wedding planners, venue staff
  • Officiating your ceremony
  • Completing and returning your license to the County Clerk
  • A keepsake marriage certificate
  • Assistance with  post-ceremony issues.                                                                                                                          
Q. Does your fee include mileage?
 A. Every wedding that I officiate includes 30 miles roundtrip. I service a wide area including the Los Angeles Metro Area, Orange County, San Diego and Santa Barbara areas; meaning that I sometimes spend six hours traveling to and from your venue. To compensate for travel time and gasoline expense I do charge a mileage fee for any travel over 30 miles roundtrip, as well as any tolls or parking fees.
Q. How can we obtain our marriage license?
 A. Please see the Marriage License Info page on this website.
 Q. How do we receive a copy of our marriage license?
 A. At the time of application for your marriage license you may request and pay for a certified copy of your marriage license. If you do not request this service at the time of application, you will have to submit a notarized request and the copy will be mailed to you.  
Q. The County Clerk says that they have no record of our license being returned. What do we do?
 A. First relax and know that in general it takes four –six weeks for the County Clerk personnel to process your license. However if four weeks have passed, then call me. I deliver all licenses via certified mail in order to leave a paper trail. Usually the presentation of the certified mail receipt and your copy of the license will suffice as proof that the license was returned in a timely manner.  On the slim chance that your license was lost in the mail or damaged beyond recognition, I will take care of securing a duplicate license at no additional cost to you