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According to wedding industry insiders, small weddings are "big" right now and more couples are choosing to forego the traditional big weddings in favor of elopements. The reasons for eloping can be found at the intersection of money, stress and shifting attitudes towards marriage.

Money: Today's weddings carry an average price tag of $20,000 and many couples would rather put those dollars towards the down-payment on a home or towards paying off student debt.

Stress: A simple elopement removes the stress of planning a wedding and dealing with complicated family dynamics, such as where to seat divorced parents or whether the father or step-father should walk the bride down the aisle. There's no guilt about not inviting relatives that you've never even met.

Shifting Attitudes: Today's couples are marrying later and many have lived together for several years. To them,,the idea of a $3000.00 wedding gown or spending time picking out china patterns may seem unnecessary.

Elopement offers a simple alternative for today's couples. The whole process can be completed in five steps for under $500.00

1. Visit the County Clerk to pick up your marriage license: $91.00 ($85.00 for a confidential license)

2. Obtain a nice wedding band set from Etsy: $100.00

3. Enlist a friend with a Smartphone to act as your witness and photographer: Free

4: Call for my Simple Elopement Package: $200.00 

5. Meet me at your location.  Must be within  15 miles of 90222 or mileage rates will be added.

 Total price: Less than $500.00. It's that simple.